Let’s Get Started

I hope you will enjoy reading my children’s books as much as I have enjoyed writing them.   I wrote these stories, in what I call the Safe Kids Series, years ago to help my husband and me open discussions with our own kids. The books, which are each geared to different topics and some to different ages, address a range of topics that all have something to do with child safety and well-being. These stories are meant to help initiate difficult conversations in a fun and non-threatening manner. All books in my Safe Kids Series are not intended to be sole resources in their topical areas. I encourage parents, teachers, and all caregivers to continue research in methods of maintaining child safety and health. There are many fun and informative resources out there. Children are our greatest gift. Let’s do all we can to protect and nurture these gifts.

My first two books will be published soon on Amazon.com.  I’ll list the details of how to get them as soon as that process is completed.  The first to be published, planned for early February,  will be “Code Word Coconut”.  This book deals with a story about stranger danger and how the use of a code word between parents and kids can be valuable.

The second, planned to come out shortly thereafter, will be “If You Could See My Germs”.   This will be a fun read for kids to help them understand the concept of germs and the importance of hand -washing.

This website is presently under construction, but please continue to visit me on SafeKids.Care and let me know your thoughts.  Your input will let me know which books to publish next and in which order according to your needs.

All the best to you and yours!

Donna Quinton Brown